On Friday,September 29, all students in construction technology classes were brought to the student lounge for a presentation.The presentation talked about some of the different careers construction can lead to and why students might want to work in the field.

Students were amazed at the amount of money and jobs available in the field. There was a wide variety of jobs that you could do in construction that also varied in levels of education. Some jobs required a high school diploma were others required university, college or even apprenticeships. There is also a lot of good money in the work, most workers get paid around $73,000 a year.

The speaker also mentioned what you can expect working in construction. Working in construction allows a lot of moving around from job to job, and you get to learn and work with your hands opposed to learning in a classroom.

One of the students attending said “It was very informative and it cleared up things like the wide range of jobs, the salary, and opportunities like apprenticeships. It cleared up Construction careers well.”

The presentation ended by giving the students a chance to do a construction simulation. The students sat in a seat in front of a screen and controlled a machine used to lift sand and load it into a truck, and then the simulation told you how well you did based on how much sand you got into the truck, how many mistakes you made, etc

Lots of students went to the presentation and got a great opportunity to learn about a potential career for the future. St.Joe’s might have some students following the path to a career in construction.