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As OSSLT season approaches, students’ anxiety levels often spike in last minute preparations and anticipation. SJHS is mindful of this issue, and in response has given students an opportunity to practice and perfect their literacy skills.

Everyday during lunchtime, students are able to attend a variety of literacy based workshops hosted in room 116.  The workshops are open to all grade tens that are interested and will focus on topics seen on previous OSSLT assessments.

Though some of the programs have already finished, there will still be workshops available for the next three weeks on a variety of topics. The workshops cover one topic per week. Topics include grasping the main idea of a text, succeeding in multiple choice, and, this week’s topic, writing news reports. A more detailed list that covers the dates of the workshops, the topic of the week, and what teacher(s) will be helping can be found here;

When asked about the importance of the workshops to grade 10 students, Mrs. Pender, one of the teachers involved in the workshops, replied,

“Kids should really consider coming to the workshops, even if they have to give up their lunches. It’s a great opportunity to practice and become familiar with the material before the test!”

Mrs. Pender also added that another resource available to students in regards to the literacy test is the literacy prep Google Classroom. The classroom contains a wide variety of Google slides and other resources that will give students an idea of what the OSSLT will be like, as well as learn how to prepare for it. The classroom code for anyone interested is; bpn15y

If you have any questions about the literacy test or workshops, contact Mr. Halk or Mrs. Pender, or ask the office who will send you in the right direction. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these wonderful resources in order to do their best on this year’s OSSLT.