RENFREW- It’s that time of year again! Every year around this time in March students get to choose courses they would like to take in the following year. The student council team, such as Mrs. Pender and Mr. Valliquette are in charge of getting every student the best choice of courses for the individual.

Now is the time where every student is really wondering what career they would like to pursue. As in grade 9 you get one elective, grade 10 you get two electives but in grade 11 and 12 you get 5 electives. As of right now Mr. Valliquette has updated how they are doing so far regards of going to every classroom. “To help students with understanding and navigate.. classes we have at our school to understand prerequisites and studies for schools.. grade 8 and 9, are done and we are working on grade 10 through 12″.

As new students come in every year we get questions like “are my parents able to help me choose courses?” “What if my parents want to talk suggest a different course than what I chose?” and “I’m not sure what I want yet”. All of these questions are answered by simply going onto ‘My Blueprint.”  This app is for course selection and you can access it anywhere, not just at school so you can discuss with family and decide for yourself when your ready if you chose not to do it in the school.

There is also an option of doing certain courses online over the summer. This is for getting an extra elective to take a course that you need for your future career or if you know that you are going to have a heavy workload in grade 12.

If you have any questions feel free to check out our website or give the school a call!