OSSLT Break Down

The OSSLT testing does NOT go as planned by both EQAO and school officials.

As planned, grade 10 students across Ontario prepared to write the test online on the October 20th . However very few actually managed to get online likely due to the mass amount of data hitting the EQAO servers at once. EQAO official Richard Jones hopes that the issue will be solved in time to redo testing in the spring. Continue reading “OSSLT Break Down”


Get Ready, Testing Begins.

The grade tens of Saint Joseph’s High are prepping for the first online OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test). Workshops were held to introduce the students to the style of testing in hopes of having everyone ready. 

When speaking about the test Mr. Rowat has said “Saint Joes has had a high standing in the rankings for this test over the past few years and I’m confident we will continue to score well.”

Testing will be held during periods one and two tomorrow morning! Be ready.

To find out what room you’ll be writing on please consult the window of the student lounge, your rooms will be posted there.


Be sure to stop by the trophy case in town square and read about our actors/actresses who played roles in our schools play Godspell. image

Coffee House

IMG_20160512_132458On June 2nd, there will be a coffee house performance. There will be many great performances by students, to audition for coffee house, you sign up on the list early window, auditions will be held on May 25th after school, and at lunch hour on May 27th. If you have any further questions, consult the posters around the school

Grade 7 Orientation


Jenessa linton and her group about to check out the SJHS weight room.


Today, March 31st, marks the day of the literacy test, a mandatory test that all grade 10s require to pass in order to be able to graduate 1459442204311-379722776

Literacy Test Workshops

Starting March first, there will be workshops set up for the upcoming literacy test on March 31st. These workshops are for graphic text/grammar, series of paragraphs expressing an opinion, summaries and short writing tasks, newspaper reports, and multiple choice. These workshops will run from March 1st to 16th. This will give students extra help to prepare for the literacy test.received_582128198630910

Grade 8 Orientation

imageToday, the grade 8s from all feeder schools come to ST Joseph’s Catholic highschool to  tour our school and experience what we have to offer. All the grade 8s meet in the gymnasium to have the giant handshake before being separated into groups to tour the school. After lunch, many games and activities are set up in the gymnasium. All afternoon they will play these games until the end of the day where they will watch a video that captured the spirit and liveliness of our wonderful school. For any questions or concerns about student help at St. Joseph’s, see Mrs.Watters in student services.

St. Josephs Career Fair 2016

St Joseph’s 2016 Career fair took place today, January 15th with a wide range of Career choices for students to browse and consider for future careers.

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